Database Connection Error Caused by Missing SQL Server

Version 6



    • Attempting to launch Shavlik Protect fails and returns with the following error:

    "The database connection could not be made. This may be caused by a temporary interruption in the database server, or the machine hosting the database could have been renamed."


    Error window.PNG


    • Selecting "Launch the database configuration utility" and attempting to reconnect to SQL Server and Protect database fails, returning with error:

                  "Failed to connect to SQL Server '(sql server path)'. Please verify the SQL name and credentials>"


    Failed to connect dbconfig.PNG


    • After verifying SQL server credentials user receives same error message.




    This issue will occur if the SQL Server previously on the machine has been removed. Without the SQL Server installed on the console machine, despite retaining the Protect database, Protect will be unable to function. Some users may inadvertently uninstall the server software without being aware that doing so will not permit Shavlik Protect to run. Doing so will not delete the Protect database and Protect should be able to function again after reinstalling and configuring the SQL Server.




    To resolve this issue you must:

    1. Reinstall Microsoft® SQL Server Management Studio® software (the Protect installer installs SQL Server 2012 Express by default)

      2.  Reattach the Protect SQL database to the SQL server.

    The remainder of this document will provide in-depth instructions on how to perform these tasks to resolve the database connection error.


    Installing the SQL Server


    If you will be using an Express Edition of Microsoft SQL Server, you should consider downloading and installing Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. This free software can be used to perform backups and to manage your database. Additionally, it will make the process of reattaching the Protect database to the SQL server much simpler.


    If you would like to follow the resolution outlined in this document, SQL Server Management Studio is required.


    The Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express installer can obtained for free at the following link:

    To install both the SQL Server and the Server Management Studio Express, install the package containing the SQL Express Server and SQL Server Management Studio.


    After installation, Protect will still not launch, attempts to reconnect to the SQL server will return with this error:

        "The database 'Protect' does not exist on the SQL Server  Please verify your configuration"



    This error indicates that the protect database must be reattached to the SQL Express server, the easiest way to do this is through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. This process will be outlined in the next section of this article.


    Reattaching the Protect Database to the SQL Express Server


    To reattach the Protect database to the SQL Express Server, open SQL Server Management Studio.


    SQL Server Management Studio can be opened by following this path:

        Start->Micrsoft SQL Server 2012->SQL Server Management Studio


    The "Connect to server" window will appear at launch.


    For most users- including all who originally installed SQL Express through the Protect install package- none of the fields need to be modified.

    Simply click connect to proceed to the next step in the process. Doing so will close the dialog box.


    The SQL server should now be visible on the left in the Object Explorer pane. If the Databases subfolder is not visible, click the plus sign to the left of the entry containing the server path to display the server contents.




    Right click this Databases directory and click "Attach..."


    An "Attach Databases" dialog box will open.


    Click Add in the right-center of the window to proceed. Doing so will open the Locate Database Files window.




    Left-click the Protect.mdf file, which is located under DATA, then click OK.

    This will attach the database file and close the window.


    Click OK again to exit the Attach Databases window.

    In the Object Explorer pane, the Protect database should now be visible, demonstrating that the Protect database has successfully been attached to the SQL Express server.


    After completing these steps, the SQL Server should be configured properly to allow the Protect console to function as before. Opening Protect should launch the program without any of the previous errors. Protect should require no more additional configuration to resume functional operation.


    Note: After the completion of these steps, if any further difficulty is encountered in attempting to connect to the database by Protect, use the Database Setup Tool to make sure that Protect database is configured properly. This can be located by going to:

    Start->Shavlik Protect->Database Setup Tool


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    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x