How To: Locate and Transfer the License Key to New Protect Console Machine

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    This document outlines how to locate the Shavlik Protect license activation key in the console and transfer this key to a new or additional Protect console.




    When migrating to a new Shavlik Protect server or setting up an additional Protect console machine- understanding where to find the license key and how to input it in to the new console is vital to maintaining Shavlik Protect functionality through this transition. As this process may not frequently performed by administrators, a reference/guide for this process may prove to be helpful.


    Locating the License Key on Existing Protect Console


    Follow the process below to obtain your license key from your console machine. After locating the key in order to prepare to transfer the key to the new console machine, copy this 25-digit license key and make it readily available.


    In Shavlik Protect 9.x:

        Help>About Shavlik Protect Advanced


    In the About Shavlik Protect window, the license key can be found in the main text display under


        License Key:

              Activation Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



    In vCenter Protect 8:

    This process is nearly identical to the process in Shavlik Protect 9.x. Refer to the images above.


    To locate the license key follow this path:

              Help>About VMware vCenter Protect


    In the About VMware vCenter Protect window, the license key can be found in the main text display under:

              License Key:

                  Activation Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



    Note: In the event the Protect Console is no longer installed, it may still be possible to obtain the license key from the following registry entry:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Console\Activation

    The AK Value will contain the Activation Key/License key.



    Activating the License Key in New Console


    Activation is the process by which the Protect software is validated as having been purchased.  In order for the new Protect console to fully function activation is required. Users are prompted after installing and opening Shavlik Protect to input their activation key, through the Shavlik Protect Activation window.




    To transfer the license key from your previous console machine follow the directions in the window as ordered by number:


        1. Select an activation mode (on left portion of window)

              Select "Product or bundle license"

        2. Enter your activation key(s) (in center of window)

              In the text field below, paste or manually input your 25-digit Protect license key

              Click the "Add" button right of the text field.

        3. Select activation method (lower-center of window)

              Choose "Online activation" if you have an internet connection.

              Click "Activate online now"(at the lower-right corner)


    If you require "Offline activation" see the following article- How to Process a Manual (Offline) Activation for Ivanti Patch for Windows 9.3 or Patch for SCCM 2.3+


    If the software was previously launched and activated by selecting Trial mode, this window can be accessed through Protect by navigating to:

        Help>Enter/refresh license key...




    Additional Information



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x
    vCenter Protect 8.x