Protect Doesn't Recognize a Patch That Was Manually Downloaded

Version 10



    A patch that was manually downloaded and placed in the patch repository, does not show as downloaded in protect.




    This is often caused by the patch not having the Shavlik Name.
    Some vendors will update their patches but utilize the same file name. When the file has the same name, it causes issues with Protect's ability to delineate between different files. To resolve this, Protect utilizes a 'Shavlik Name'. A Shavlik Name is the unique file name given to a file when the vendor chooses to not give one. The name is the only change that occurs on the file, and will typically consist of append the name with the file version, and language of the patch where applicable.

    Adobe Flash patches are hosted under a generic name: install_flash_player_11_plugin.exe
    To differentiate between files, a Shavlik Name is given to the file that specifies version, and bit version: install_flash_player_11_plugin_64bit119900170.exe




    Modify the patches file name, by giving it the corresponding Shavlik Name.
    To identify the Shavlik File name of the patch:

    • Open Patch View (View> Patch View)
    • Right click the column headers and select 'Column Chooser'

    In 9.2 you will have to use View>Results



    column chooser.png


    • In the Customization window, drag the 'Download File Name' option into the Patch View window.


    download file name.png


    • Search for the Q# of the patch
    • When the patch is found in Patch view, expand its view and the Shavlik Name will be displayed under the Download File Name column.


    You can also enable the Vendor File Name option in the Customization window to see what the files default name is when hosted by the Vendor.



    shavlik name.png


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x