The Manifest with Platform Version X.X.X Is Older Than Than the Installed Plattform Version X.X.X

Version 5



    Agent UI Logs show an error similar to the following:

    "Update failed unable to update the manifest with platform version 8.0.3863.0 is older than the installed platform version 9.0.1182.0" when attempting to Update Agent binaries from the Agent UI on the target machine



    Agent policy is configured to use a Distribution Server as its Engine, data, and patch download location.

    Distribution server download source does not contain the latest data because the scheduled automatic update from the console has failed or has not been scheduled.




    How to Manually Synchronize Distribution ServersVerify which Distribution Server is being used in the Agent Policy by referencing the document "How to configure an Agent Policy to use a Distribution Server"


    Verify that the syncing source console is receiving the latest update and manually sync the latest data to the Distribution Server using the steps outlined in the following document:

    How to Manually Synchronize Distribution Servers

    How To: Manually Synchronize Distribution Servers


    Verify that console is syncing properly with the Distribution Server using the following document:

    Troubleshouting distribution server synchronization

    Troubleshouting Distribution Server Synchronization


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x