How to Re-Install Scheduler Service on Shavlik Protect Console Server.

Version 3



    We sometimes removed the scheduler service on the Shavlik Protect console server and when we try to do manual install by steps below:


    Alternatively, to uninstall the Scheduler from a target machine on the Protect console:

    1. Click Manage > Scheduled Tasks.
    2. Right-click the target machine name in the list on the left, and click Scheduler Service > install

    Error message will prompt saying "scheduler on machine is not available"



    This is due to the scheduler service being removed from console. Since console will use port 5120 to deliver command to the target machine to do the installation and target machine will need to listen to port 5120 to receive the command and update. Since port 5120 is opened only when scheduler service is installed, the scheduler service could never be installed by this mean.




    In this situation, we need to use another method to restore the scheduler service:

    1. Go to Manage->Credentials and add a credential with local admin permissions for the console server.

    2. Scan the console machine right away (please don't schedule the scan since scheduler is not available).

    3. Once the scan finished, pick up one missing patch and deploy the patch with the method of schedule instead of deploy right away.

    4. Start the deployment and this way, scheduler service will be installed onto the console machine first.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x