.NET Framework Patches Fail to Deploy Because .NET Framework Is in Use

Version 10



    .NET Framework will fail to install/deploy when scheduled by Shavlik Protect.  The same patch can be installed manually.




    .NET Framework components are in use and cannot be modified.



    Before proceeding with scheduled .NET Framework patch deployment troubleshooting, verify that the failed deployment of the patch is not caused by a corrupted .NET
    Framework installation and that the patch executable can be deployed manually from the worksation.  Also verify that scheduled patch deployment is working for non .NET Framework patches.


    After these possible causes for patch installation failure have eliminated, Follow these two recommendations to release .NET Framework from its associated applications before patch deployment.



    Recommendation 1.  - Deploy .NET Framework Patches with the Pre-deploy Reboot option selected in your Deployment Template



    This will eliminate the problem with programs in use during your .NET Framework patch deployment.


    Verify this by viewing your existing Deployment Templates by clicking Templates-My Deployment Templates.


    If you do not have a previous Deployment Template with the Pre-deploy Reboot option selected, you may create a new Deployment Template by clicking on New-Deployment template. By doing a Pre-deployment Reboot, this will ensure that no programs will be in use during the deployment.


    java predeployment.PNG



    For extremet cases 2.  - Disable the auto startup of any programs that utilize .NET Framework. (Advanced Users only)



    There are 2 ways to do this. Through Group Policy and on each machine.


    *NOTE changes to Group Policy or System Configuration can cause problems to your machines. This guide is for informational purposes only. Shavlik Protect Support won't support any problems caused from changes to the Group Policy or System Configuration.



    There are multiple places that startup applications are listed. See here for more information. Understand and Control Startup Apps with the System Configuration Utility



    Through Group Policy - See this document http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314488




    On Each Machine - You can Verify what programs are set to start on boot by using the System Configuration.

    Please read this article for more information. Using System Configuration (msconfig) - Windows Help


    Open the System Configuration by typing msconfig in a run command and clicking OK.


    Next click on the startup tab. Uncheck any Programs that use Java. Click OK.



    The next screen will Prompt for a reboot. Please reboot before .NET Framework deployment.



    Additional Information


    Failed deployment of the .NET Framework patches can also be caused by a corrupted .NET Framework installation.  If you are unable to perform a manual installation of the .NET Framework patch from the target workstation, the issue is most likely related to the .NET Framework installation.  To troubleshoot this and other non Shavlik related .NET Framework issues, please contact Microsoft Support.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x