Agent Expired - Features Disabled

Version 3



    Within Agent GUI - Help > About Shows:
        Agent license has expired.


    2-agent help about.png


    Agent Scan Shows:
        Error - Patch Remediation is not licensed, or license has expired.


    1-error expired.png


    Agent Asset Scan Shows:
        Error - Asset scanning is not licensed.


    3-asset scanning not licensed.png




    This is caused when the Agent's associated Console License has expired.
    (Visible under Console's Help > About).

    4-console help about.png




    The Console must have an Active license in order for the Agent to utilize its capabilities.
    After refreshing the Console's license so it is in an Active status, the Agent must successfully check-in to the Console to update its own license information.

    System> Perform Agent check-In


    6-agent check in.png


    After the Agent successfully performs a check-in to the Console, its capabilities will be active again.
    Verify the Agent license status under Help > About.


    Note: It is possible to initiate multiple Agent check-in's simultaneously from the console.
    Go to Machine View, select all desired machines, right click, choose Agents > Check-in request.


    5-console check in.png




    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x