Generic Data Access Layer Exception. SQL Exception Message: Cannot Open Backup Device

Version 7



    Shavlik Protect Event History displays the following error when trying to backup the Protect database in Database Maintenance: Generic data access layer exception. SQL exception message: Cannot open backup device [\\UNC Path of bak file location] Operating system error 5(Access is denied.)



    User that is connecting to SQL database does not have access to the specified UNC Path



    Modify connection information in Protect and/or modify rights to the unc path used for the backup location.

    Step 1 Determine what SQL user is accessing the database Share


    From the Windows Start Menu, Open the Protect Database Setup Tool

    Start>All Programs>Shavlik Protect>Database Setup Tool

    Select Use an Existing Database and click Next

    Verify the credentials that will be used to access the Database


    If Integrated Windows authentication is used for both interactive users and services connections the user name used will be the Domain\MachineName$ of the console machine. Otherwise note the credentials used in the User Name: field of "Choose how interactive users will connect to the database" or if "Use alternate credentials for console services" is checked, the User Name: field under "Choose how services will connect to the database.


    Step 2.

    From the SQL Machine attempt to access the UNC path using the credentials obtained from Step 1

    The UNC path of the database backup is defined under Tools>Operations>Database Maintenance in the Protect Menu.  If a local drive letter is specified, it will look for the local drive letter on the SQL server, not the Protect Console.


    Step 3.

    Give user obtained in Step 1 read/write permission to the share specified in step 2 or change credentals in the Database Setup tool as outlined in Step 1 to a user that has read/write permissions to the share specified in Step 2


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x