Agent Manager in Protect Version 9

Version 7



    The purpose of this document is to assist in locating the Agent Manager within Shavlik Protect version 9.



    The Agent Manager has been removed. All functionality is available from within Machine View.

    From: Shavlik Protect Release Notes



    Within Machine View you can install an agent onto machines, you can assign a different policy to machines that already contain an agent, and you can uninstall agents from machines. It also provides a convenient place to determine which machines have Protect Agents installed. You can access Machine View by selecting




    How to View Only Agents


    In Machine View (View > Machines) set the Smart Filters to 'Has an Agent Policy'. This will filter the Machine View to only show those machines that have an Agent.


    has policy.png


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x