VMware Server Browse Credentials Will Not Stay in Place When Switching Between Users

Version 2


    The main symptom of this issue is this:


    You have already set browse credentials for a VMware host, and the browse credentials have previously displayed as being applied to any hosted virtual machines that have been added to your machine group(s). However, after another user has logged into Protect and added the VMware host you no longer see the browse credentials applied when logged into Protect with your user.



    The cause of the issue is due to a known defect. Protect is not correctly handling the VMware server/host being added with different case levels of letters in the server name. At least one user has entered the server name differently from other users.




    User A, B, C may all have entered the server name as "vcenter.server.local"

    However, User D added the host with "VCENTER.server.local"



    1) This is a known defect that will be resolved in the next release of Protect.


    2) There is a workaround that is possible to use so that this will not continue to occur:


    You must have all users enter the VMware server/host name exactly the same. The recommended workaround is to use all lower case when entering the name. Each user may need to log into Protect and edit the server name to resolve this.


    You can run the following SQL query against the Protect database to see how many different instances of the server name are entered into the Protect database. This won't tell you exactly what users will need to log in and make a change, but it may help to see how many different users have entered the server into Protect:


    SELECT * FROM [Virtual].[VCenterServer]


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.0.1182

    Possibly all earlier versions of Protect.