Video- How to Create a Patch Group and Scan Template

Version 18


    The purpose of this document is how to create a patch group to and to exclude those patches from your scans. This is sometimes necessary when scanning for patches but you do not want specific patches to be installed.




    1. To scan or exclude specific patches, begin by assigning the desired patches to a Patch Group. In Protect, open Patch View.
    2. Locate the specific patch by searching or filtering.
    3. Right click the patch, choose Add to Patch Group, then choose New Patch Group.
    4. In the Patch Group window, enter a Name and Description to identify what the Patch Group will be used for, then click Save.
    5. Next create a new Patch Scan Template.
    6. In the Patch Scan Template window, enter a Name and Description to identify the scan template. Under Patch type filter settings select Scan All. Under Patch filter settings select Skip Selected, then click the Patch group(s) browse button
    7. In the Select Patch Groups window, add a checkmark to the Patch Group(s) that contain the specific patch to be scanned for, then click Select
    8. The selected Patch Group should now show as selected in the Patch Group(s) list. Click Save.
    9. Scan using the Scan Template created. Results will only show those patches included in the Patch Group.



    Additional Information

    How to Include or Exclude specific Patches in Scan Results



    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x