'Installed on Date' Is Not Displayed for Some Patches in Protect's Reports

Version 4



    When running a patch report within Protect such as Patch Status Detail report you notice that some patches display no information for the 'Installed on Date' field.





    The installed on date is normally determined based on a registry key put into place during Protect's deployment process. The installed on date is something Protect is also able to detect for patches installed by Windows Update, but only on older operating systems such as XP or 2003. With Windows Vista/2008 and newer systems Microsoft made it much harder to read this information from the registry so there is no guarantee that we can display the installed on date for patches installed through windows update on those operating systems.


    For 3rd party updates (i.e. Mozilla, Adobe, Java, etc.) we will only show the installed on date listed if the patches were installed by Protect.


    This symptom can also occur if the deployment process, reboot, or rescan are not complete before attempting to run the report.





    The reasons above listed in the 'Cause' section should cover most scenarios where this symptom occurs. If the installed on date is not reported and you believe it meets the requirements it may be best to open a case with support for further assistance.