How to Create a New Protect Database or Change Existing Database Link

Version 4



    This provides the steps to create a new database or point to a different SQL Server or database for Shavlik Protect and Ivanti Patch for Windows.




         1. Close the Shavlik Protect or Ivanti Patch for Windows Server program, if open.

         2. To Create a new Protect Database navigate to All Program > Ivanti Patch for Windows or Shavlik Protect > Database Setup Tool.



    If you choose to use Protect for the database name it will overwrite your current database and all information will be lost. We highly recommend you make a backup of your database before making any changes.

    How To: Backup a Database



    When you first open the database set up tool it will be pointing to your current Database Server Instance and Database. You can then type in another database name ( like Shavlik or ProtectScans) then test the server connection.  Click Next to create the new database. Click finish.