A Database Operation Failed.

Version 2



    A database operation failed. Please verify you can connect to the configured database.  Unable to connect to SQL Server (computer\instance).




    The SQL server is not accesable by the Console.




    Verify the SQL Service is running by going to Services to verfiy the SQL Server (instance name) is running


    If the service is running and you still cannot connect, then you can use the Database Setup Tool to verify you can connect to the database.


    How to locate where your protect database is:



    Navigate to all programs\Shavlik Protect\Database Setup Tool.


    Choose the radio buttom 'Use an Existing database (link or upgrade)' and click next.

    Then click the 'Test database connection' If successfull click next and then press next again if the console successfully links to the database





    Additional Information


    If you cannot connect to the database still then refer to these documents for additional trouble shooting



    Property Owner is not Available for Database:



    Restore Shavlik Database from backup using SQL Server Management Studion: