Obtaining Protect Console and Agent Installation Logs

Version 5



    This document shows how to find the installation and setup logs for Shavlik Protect. This can be useful if attempting to troubleshoot an installation failure.




    The setup and install logs for Shavlik Protect can be found by doing the following:


    Go to Start > Run (or search) > Type: %temp%






    Either option brings you to the same directory. You will need to search the temp directory for the following naming of files. There may be multiple of each depending how many times you have attempted installation. The newest log files would be the best to collect for support.


    ProtectSetup_xxx.log - This contains the logging of prerequisite checks during installation of the Protect console.


    ProtectInstall_xxx.log -  Protect console main installation log file.


    STPlatformInstall_xxx.log - Agent main installation log file.


    STPlatformUpdater_xxx.log - Additional logging for agent setup/install.



    Additional Information


    For information on collecting other/additional logging please see the document, How To: Collect Shavlik Protect - Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers console, patch deployment and agent logs



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x