Wake-on-Lan Magic Packet Test

Version 4



    This document outlines how to test that Magic Packets are successfully being sent to a target machine during a Wake-on-Lan request.

    In the event Protect indicates the Wake-on-Lan request is being sent, but the target machine is not turning on, these steps can be used to test potential issues.


    Note: This test makes use of a 3rd party freeware application. Shavlik has not fully tested this product so would recommend that our customer undertake their own full testing and investigation of this product.  Shavlik cannot be held liable for any issues resulting from the use of this product.


    Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Requirements



    • Begin by downloading WOL-Magic Packet Sender. Check the vendor’s advice ( http://magicpacket.free.fr/ ) for the correct version of the WOL magic packet to download.
    • Install WOL-Magic Packet Sender by following the prompts.

    3-install path.png
    6-install done.png

    • Once WOL-Magic Packet Sender is installed, launch the application.

    7-wol icon.png

    • Inside WOL-Magic Packet Sender, click the Receive tab.
    • Click the Start button to begin listening for Magic Packets.

    8-receive tab.png

    • In Protect, right click the machine that WOL-Magic Packet Sender was installed on, and choose Power > Wake on Lan.

    10-power test.png


    • In Operation Monitor, click Send.

    11-run op.png

    • The Shavlik Protect Operations Monitor should now display if the Magic Packets were sent successfully from Protect. (This only indicates that Protect sent the Magic Packets out, it is not a reflection of if the target received them and powered on).

    12-wol sent success.png

    • On the Target machine, WOL-Magic Packet Sender should be listening for Magic Packets sent on UDP 9 (Protect uses this port for WOL). If all components in the network are properly facilitating the packets to the target, a prompt should occur indicating the Magic Packets were received.

    9-magic packet received.png


    Packets Received, but WOL Still Does Not Work?

    If the test above is successful, this is an indicator that Protect is correctly sending Magic Packets to the target machine. If the test is successful, but the Wake-on-LAN feature still does not work, this is an indicator that the target machine is not processing the Magic Packets correctly. This can be caused by NIC settings, BIOS settings, or other hardware/OS components. At this point the target machine and/or components would need to be investigated with their vendor.


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect Version: All