Patch Deployment - Interrupt - Cancel - Stop Deployment in Protect 9.0 and 9.1

Version 6



    This document covers how to interrupt/cancel a current patch deployment.




    It may become necessary to interrupt/cancel/stop a deployment once it has begun. In this event the following steps can be taken to interrupt the current deployment.


    Warning: Though this can interrupt a deployment, partial patch installments may occur.  We suggest only attempting this in emergencies.


    Delete the Batch Files on the target machine.

    • On the target go to C:\Windows\ProPatches\Install.
    • Inside will be the batch files from any deployments to this machine. The Batch file contains the information on how to run a specific deployment. (New Batch files are created for every deployment.)
    • Select all files within the Install directory and delete them.


    Delete the Patch File(s)

    • On the target go to C:\Windows\ProPatches\Patches.
    • Inside this directory are the deployed patch executable. Select all files within the Patches directory and delete them.
    • By deleting these files, you remove the ability for the machine to run them and continue patching.


    Should you receive error - Unable to Delete - Patch is Currently in Use

    1-File locked.png

    • This suggests the patch may be currently executing.
    • To resolve, open the list of running processes, enable the option to 'View processes for all users', and look for a Process name that matches the Patch name.
    • If found, end the process and the patch should be able to be deleted.

    2-file process.png

    Note: Not all patches will list themselves in the list of Processes.


    If you are prompted with the Shavlik Reboot countdown:

    • Open a CMD prompt on the client machine and type: shutdown /a 
    • Do not press enter.
    • Choose the option I'm ready; restart now in the Shavlik countdown windows.
    • Click OK on the popup and return to the CMD.
    • Run the shutdown /a in the CMD prompt.  This should cancel the secondary system countdown used to reboot the system. The default countdown is 60 seconds so it should give you plenty of time.  Be warned this system countdown can be set to 1 second through the Deployment Template which make this impossible.


    Remove Stagnant Deployment Record

    Note: This step is optional. This does not help stop a deployment.


    • From here the deployment should not be able to continue (it has no batch file for instructions, and no patch file for execution).
      In the Deployment Tracker, the Deployment will show interrupted patches as executing. You may wish to remove this record.


    Steps to remove the record

    • Open Protect Console.
    • Click Manage > Items > Deployments

    4-manage items.png

    • Locate the item that corresponds to the stagnant record, select it, and click Delete Selected.

    5-delete record.png



    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.0
    Protect 9.1