Deploy Patch - Warning - Results from Agent Scan

Version 4



    When trying to deploy patches to a machine a warning occurs.




    [Window Title]
    Deploy Patches


    [Main Instruction]
    Some of the patches you are attempting to deploy were scanned by the Shavlik Protect Agent. These machines may not be accessible from this console.  Do you want to attempt this deployment anyway?




    This warning occurs when attempting to deploy a patch based off scan results returned from an Agent based Scan.



    The message indicates that the results you are attempting to deploy from were returned by an Agent instead of a scan from the Console which means the Agent may have already applied these patches and they will continue showing as 'missing' until a new scan occurs; this means deploying the patch will fail as the patch would have already been installed.


    You can ignore the warning by clicking Deploy.




    1. Allow the Agent to install patches according to its policy.
    2. Run a scan from the console (or a scan only task from agent policy) to have up-to-date scan results, and deploy accordingly.