File Version is Less Than Expected

Version 4



    Scan results show File version is less than expected...


    1-file version less than expected.png







    This message indicates why a particular patch was determined to be missing; this is not stating that something went wrong in the program. During the Patch scan, one or more of the applicable file versions were checked against what version they should be, and was found to be a value lower than it should be.

    Example: In the example image at the beggining, the file C:\Windows\MICROSOFT.NET\FRAMEWORK\V4.0.30319\CLR.DLLwas found to have a current version of 4.0.30319.17929 and the patch found missing will change that value to 4.0.30319.19080.




    To correct this issue, install the missing patch, and rescan the machine. Provided the patch is not found missing again, the issue has been resolved.