Java 8 Patches Not Offered When Java 7 is Installed

Version 6



    • Scanning a machine with an older version of Java does not show the latest patch as missing.

    Example:Machine has Java 6 Update 26 installed, and does not show the latest patch Java 7 Update 25


    1-java6 only.png

    2-only java 6 update.png




    Java allows multiple primary versions to be installed simultaneously. Because of this, Protect treats different primary versions of Java as separate programs. In the example, Java 6 would be detected and the latest patch for Java 6 would be offered, but since Java 7 is not installed, no patches would be offered for Java 7.




    To show the latest version of Java for a machine that has an older Primary version (Java 6 is installed but Java 7 is the latest Primary version), a scan for Software Distribution would need to occur.

    By enabling Software Distribution in the scan template, Java 7 would show as not being installed on the target, and offer to install it.


    Software Distribution Best Practices and Informational Guide -


    NOTE:Because Java can have multiple primary versions installed, if a newer version is deployed to the target machine, the older version will not automatically be uninstalled. This can begin offering patches for multiple versions of Java.


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