How To: Enable C$ Share on the Target Machine

Version 10



    This document shows how to enable C$ share on the target machine.




    • Cannot scan a remote machine using Protect or Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers
    • You see the error:

    Unable to connect to the remote machine's system share. Administrator may have unshared the system root (typically C$). (1)

    c share.PNG



    The C$ share is not enabled cause the Protect or  Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers is unable to scan the target machine.



    1. Open dos command -> Run "net share"

    net share.PNG


    2. Check the result if the C$ share showing in the list or not. If not please type "net share c$=c:"

    net share enable.PNG


    3. Then try to scan again.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x