How to Troubleshoot Manual Agent Registration Failed

Version 5


    Error message:

    Unable to get the list of available policies. Your hostname, port, or authentication information may be incorrect.


    Error message.PNG



    Here are the things you needs to check and try:

    1. Make sure from the target machine can ping the Shavlik console host name or IP address.

       Open DOS command type "ping xxx.xx.xx.xx"

       If you can not ping the console host name or IP address please check with your network administrator.

    2. From target machine try to telnet Shavlik console's 3121 port

       Open DOS command type "telnet xxx.xx.xx.xx:3121" (xxx.xx.xx.xx is the Shavlik console's IP address)

       If the 3121 port is not open please try with other port or check with your network administrator for more help.

    3. Try to use "Shared passphrase" authentication type

       a. Open Shavlik console ->Tools ->Options ->Agents

       b. Check "Enable passphrase in manual agent installations"

       c. Input password

    4. Try to do the agent registration again.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x