Information to Submit to Support for a Threat or False-Positive When Using Shavlik Protect Threat Protection

Version 2

    The Shavlik Protect Threat Protection engine is based on the Vipre SDK engine, and uses threat definitions created by GFI's ThreatTrack Security (formerly Sunbelt Software).


    In case you see a possible threat that is not being detected or a false-positive for a threat, it is best to provide the following information to support so the issue can be addressed as efficiently as possible:


    You can easily submit the information to support, here:


    Ensure to provide the following information.








    -Software (threat) download location, if from a website


    -Any attachments that may assist in identifying a threat or false positive


    -Include a copy of the existing agent logs from the affected system, as described in this document:

    *Note: It may prove helpful to enable additional agent logging as described here if you can reproduce the problem prior to submitting: