Migrate Shavlik Protect Console

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    This document will outline the steps required to migrate Shavlik Protect from one machine to another.


    Downloads - License Key


    Identify what version of Protect you are currently using under Help > About. Decide if you will be upgrading with the migration, or if you will be retaining the current version. Also write down your current License Key for use on the new console.
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    Shavlik Protect Download Files: http://www.shavlik.com/downloads/


    Note: If planning to upgrade, be sure to review the important 'Upgrade Guide' pertaining to the version you will be using. Failure to review pre-requisites to an upgrade increase likelihood of issues.


    SQL Server


    Backup Databases

    Whenever modifiying the database, or console it is best practice to create a backup of the Protect Database first.


    How to Backup a Database: http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-23037

    SQL Server and Shavlik Protect on same machine - Keeping Machine for SQL Server

    If Shavlik Protect and the SQL are installed on the same machine, and the machine will continue being used as the SQL Server, but will not house Shavlik Protect, it is recommended to make a backup of the database, then nothing else needs to be done to the database.

    SQL Server and Shavlik Protect on same machine - Retiring Machine from any Shavlik Protect Use

    If SQL is installed on the same machine as Shavlik Protect, and the machine is being retired from all Shavlik Protect use, you will need to backup the Protect Database in use to be migrated to the new console server.


    How to move databases between computers that are running SQL Server: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314546
    - Or -

    Moving a Protect database from one SQL server to another: How To Move Your Database To Another SQL Server


    SQL Server and Shavlik Protect on different machines

    If Shavlik Protect and SQL are hosted on seperate machines, the new Console will need to be able to reach the SQL Server,it is recommended to make a backup of the database, then nothing else needs to be done to the database.


    Note:These documents are offered as a reference only. Database Management questions should be directed through associated DBA or Microsoft.


    Using Agents?

    If you are using Agents in your environment special consideration must be taken to prevent causing problems with these machines. When a Protect Agent is deployed it is setup utilizing certificates based off the current Shavlik Protect Console. When migrating Shavlik Protect to a new computer, these certificates will become invalidated and Agents will no longer communicate with the Console or vice versa.




    Uninstall all Agents currently deployed. This will allow the newly installed console to create an association with the Agents.


    Uninstalling Shavlik Protect Agent: http://www.shavlik.com/uploadedFiles/Support/Online_Documentation/Shavlik_Protect_90/administration-guide.pdf#page=460
    Steps to perform full uninstall of the Shavlik Protect Agent (Manual): http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-2216



    Install New Console

    Now that the SQL Databases are backed-up, and all Agents have been uninstalled, it is time to install Shavlik Protect on the new console.


    When installing Protect a prompt will occur indicating no SQL instance detected.

    2 - no sql.png


    Shavlik Protect Setup
    A Microsoft SQL Server database is required for use with this product.
    SQL Server was not detected on your local system.
    If you want to install SQL Server Express on your local system, click "Yes".
    If you have a remote SQL Server database that you will connect to at the end of the installation process, click "No".
    Yes  No 

    SQL Server on Different Machine from Shavlik Protect

    If SQL is setup on a different server, select No here to prevent its installation on the new machine with Protect.



    No Separate SQL Server

    If SQL was installed on the same server as Protect and the original machine will no longer be used, then SQL will need to be installed on the new computer, choose Yes.


    Protect 9 Installation and Setup: http://www.shavlik.com/uploadedFiles/Support/Online_Documentation/Shavlik_Protect_90/administration-guide.pdf#page=30


    After installing SQL, attach the backed-up/migrated database from the original console to the new SQL Server Instance.


    Moving a Protect database from one SQL server to another: http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-2212




    At the Database Setup Tool choose "Use an existing database (link or upgrade)'.


    use existing db.png


    In the SQL Database Configuration page, enter the appropriate values for the Server Name, Database Name, and Credentials according to where the original Database is currently attached.


    sql page 2.png


    Reinstall Agents

    Now that the new Protect Console is installed, and aimed at the original Database, redeploy the agents to necessary machines.


    Initiating an agent installation from a machine group: http://www.shavlik.com/uploadedFiles/Support/Online_Documentation/Shavlik_Protect_90/administration-guide.pdf#page=122


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