Unable To Update Threat Data Definitions

Version 8


    The purpose of this article is to troubleshoot Shavlik Threat Protection in the event it is failing to update its definitions automatically.


    In order to resolve the issue, please check the following:

    Update to the latest released version:

    Make sure the Console has the latest threat definitions by accessing Help > About. This screen will show the last date and time the threat definitions were updated under 'Threat Definitions' and should have a green checkmark next to it.




    If you are seeing a red 'X' icon, please update your threat definitions by selecting Help > Refresh Files.




    Once you have completed the download please check the definitions by accessing Help > About and ensure they are up to date.


    If you are still experiencing problems updating your definitions, please check the following:

    Distribution Server:


    If you are using a distribution server to update your agents, make sure it is up to date. You may run a manul synchronization in order to update the files by following the process outlined in the following community article:


    How To: Manually Synchronize Distribution Servers


    Date and Time:

    Ensure that your systems time and date are both correctly set.

    1. Double click on the clock on the bottom right corner of your screen
    2. Make sure both the Date and Time are correct


    Proxy Settings Enabled in Windows:

    Some threats can change proxy settings to prevent updates from working correctly. Please ensure your proxy settings are correct. In the event you are not using a proxy server, here's how to remove those proxy settings:

    1. Open Internet Explorer (Even if you normally use a different web browser)
    2. Click Tools > Internet Options
    3. Go to the Connections tab
    4. Click LAN Settings
    5. Uncheck the 'Use a proxy server for your LAN' option
    6. Click OK


    DNS is not configured correctly:

    Check your DNS settings. If you are not using a static DNS server, make sure it is set to 'Obtain DNS server address automatically'.

    1. Select Control Panel from the Start menu
    2. Click Network Connections from the Control Panel choices
    3. Choose your connection from the Network Connections window
    4. Click Properties button
    5. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties
    6. Select the radio button next to 'Obtain DNS server address automatically', and click OK


    There is also a possibility that there is an incorrect IP set for updates.sunbeltsoftware.com in the hosts file. This file can be located and modified using these instructions:

    1. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\
    2. Open the file called 'hosts' with your preferred text editor
    3. Browse this file for any reference to updates.sunbeltsoftware.com
    4. Delete the line regarding sunbeltsoftware.com


    You are running a Firewall:

    If you are running a Firewall, disable it and see if the updates occur. Certain firewalls can block antivirus updates.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 8.x