Patch Day Checklist When Using Agents

Version 7



    This document is meant to provide a checklist that will ensure successful deployment of patches when using agents with the Protect product.




    Checklist for patch day when using agents with Protect


    1) Make sure you are signed up for the XML Announcements list. This gives you up to date information on when XML releases and what new patches have been added into the product. Whenever our data content team releases new patch definitions for Protect you will be sent an email notification.


    You can also see the latest patch defiintion information at these sites:


    2) Once the latest XML is live make sure your Protect console is updated.  Run Tools > Refresh Files.  This will check in with and update any new XML and Engine files.


    You can Automate this update by doing the following:


    In Shavlik Protect 9: Go to Tools > Operations > Downloads. Under 'Schedule automatic downloads' choose Core engines/definitions in the drop down, then click the Add button to the left. You can then set up a schedule for the definitions to automatically download. You may also want to set up the same type of schedule for Threat Engines/Definitions.


    In Protect 8: Go to Tools > Options > Definitions. Put a check next to 'Periodically download new definitions', and you can set the schedule.


    3) Download patches you need to push for this patch cycle.


    This step is required for agents using a distribution server for patch downloads, but is optional for agents set to download from vendor over internet.


    The best way to do this is to scan a test group of machines that include all products and platforms that would be found in your production environment.  From that scan result select and download all or selected patches. Another method is to search for the patches you want within View > Patches and download any that you know are required.


    4) Synchronize your distribution servers. (Not required if your agent policy is set to download via Vendor over Internet.)


    How to do this:


    In Protect 9: Go to Tools > Operations > Distribution Servers. Under 'Distribution Servers' highlight the distribution server you wish to synchronize. You must set up a scheduled sync - in the drop-down above the recommended method is to choose 'All engines, definitions, and patch downloads'. Then click on 'Add scheduled sync'. This allows the synchronization to take place on the schedule you set up, and you will now see the synchronization jobs listed under the 'Scheduled automatic synchronization' area. If you wish to run synchronization immediately you can highlight one of the scheduled syncs, then click 'Run now'.


    In Protect 8: Go to Tools > Distribution Servers > Synchronization tab.  Synch Engines and XML and Download Center. You can also enable automatic synchronization, which would take place at the same time as the schedule set up under Tools > Options > Definitions for the automatic download.


    5) Update any approved patch listing in the agent policy or patch groups that are being used. If you use these methods to limit what Protect can scan for or deploy you may need to update them accordingly to contain any newly released patches.


    Affected Products


    Shavlik Protect 9.x