Null.exe or Noop.exe False-Positive

Version 3


    • Anti-virus is reporting a threat when contacting: http:\\\noop.exe
    • Anti-virus is reporting a threat called noop.exe or null.exe




    The noop.exe/null.exe is a file from Shavlik that will allow you to perform 'custom actions' on selected machines. The patch associated with this item does notinstall anything on the target systems. The Anti-virus warning on this file is considered a False-Positive.




    • Add an exception within the Anti-virus/firewall for the url: http:\\\noop.exe.
    • *Add an exception for the noop.exe/null.exe.

    *NOTE: The noop.exe/null.exe downloaded from the url http:\\\noop.exe is a safe file that contains no malicious code. This does not prevent other parties from creating a malicious file with the name noop.exe or null.exe. Adding explicit exceptions for a file by file name only is done at the customers own discretion.