How To: Managing License Seat Usage with Shavlik Protect

Version 14




    This document is meant to provide information about how to track and manage license seat usage within the Protect application.




    Overview on how license seats are tracked/assigned with Protect

    From Protect Help (Contents > Installation and Setup > Getting Started > How Licenses are Tracked):


    When a patch deployment is performed, Shavlik Protect records the machine name in the database if it does not already exist.  From there, the number of remaining seats available for deployment is reduced by one for each target. If you elect to use Shavlik Protect Agent, each agent machine is allocated a license and also counts against the total number of license seats available. If the same machine is managed in both an agentless and agent-based manner, that machine is counted only once. Similarly, when scanning virtual machines, a machine is counted only once even if it is scanned both in online (powered on) mode and offline (powered off) mode.


    Additional Information

    When a deployment seat is assigned to a system, it will be assigned to that system for 45 days as long as the system is not deployed to again.


    Deployment seats are not 'assigned' to a system when a scan is performed. Only when a deployment or agent installation takes place.


    How to view the number of license seats used and systems currently assigned a license seat

    Basic view of license usage


    To see an overview of all current license usage for a Protect console, go to Help > About Shavlik Protect. Under 'Licensed Capabilities' you will see some useful information such as your expiration date, the total number of license seats you have available, the number of deployment seats used, and the features you have enabled.


    Scanning licensed seats


    In this example, Protect is licensed for 124 machines that includes 19 servers and 105 workstations seats.  The total number of license seats (124) is the total of the workstation and server seats.  This means you can scan for 105 workstations and 19 servers during a single scan.




    Obtaining list of systems currently assigned a license seat


    There is a report that can be run within Protect to obtain a list of systems that are currently assigned a license seat.


    To obtain this report in Protect, go to Tools > Create Report. In the drop-down next to 'Select report to view:', choose "Seat License Status". Then click the 'Generate report' button. The Seat License Status report will provide a listing of the following information; Number of total license seats available, number of license seats used, number of license seats remaining, and a full list of all systems that currently have a license seat assigned.


    Example of Seat License Status report:




    Seat license status does not roll up from one console to another, so if you are using the same license on multiple consoles you will simply run the "Seat License Status" report on each console using that license to obtain all the seat usage details for your license



    If you have used all your license seats


    If you have used all your available license seats and need additional seats here are your options:


    1. If you have used all your license seats and require additional seats to continue patching or installing agents you will need to get in contact with our sales team. They will be able to add seats to your license key.


    Contact for sales team:

    Phone: 800-690-6911, option 1



    2. If you are renaming machines or cycling old/new machines in your network this can cause you to run out of license seats (since Protect assigns a license seat to machines by machine name for 45 days). If this is the case you should contact support and provide your license key for a workaround.


    Contact for support:


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x

    vCenter Protect 8.x