Issues When Patching Mozilla ESR (Extended Support Release) Versions

Version 5



    -You scan a system with Firefox or Thunderbird ESR versions that Protect does not see an update available or shows a standard release update as missing when the target system has an ESR version.


    -There may be an error during installation that you are upgrading to a non-ESR version.




    The reason some Mozilla ESR products are not getting updated or updating to non-ESR is essentially because we are not able to differentiate the two (regkey and file detection are identical) for a specific version and not able to release that specific ESR version. Because of this, when customers install this non-supported version manually it can cause the updating to non-ESR version error. Even if we drop support of ESR this will continue to happen because we are not detecting the ESR versions whether intentionally or not. In the end it comes down to Mozilla releasing versions that have build files that are not unique between the two. Some releases they get it right. We can't control this, but below is the list of currently known ESR versions that are unsupported with Protect and may have this problem.


    If you avoid patching the listed versions you will not see an update error:


    Known unsupported versions of ESR with Protect:
    Firefox 10.0.1 ESR
    Firefox 17.0 ESR

    Firefox 24.0 ESR
    Thunderbird 10.0.1 ESR
    Thunderbird 10.0.2 ESR
    Thunderbird 17.0.2 ESR
    Thunderbird 17.0.3 ESR


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x

    Shavlik SCUPdates