ESXi Hypervisor Bulletin Scan fails

Version 5



    -When running a bulletin scan on an ESXi hypervisor, the Shavlik Protect Operations Monitor shows the status:

    Complete with errors. Check the hypervisor network configuration and firewall settings.



    -When running a bulletin scan you may get the following error:

    Failed to load catalog for embeddedEsx.5.0.0, host ST.Virtual.Vim.HostSystem.


    -Within Protect's ST.ServiceHost.managed.log you see the following type of error (example from ESXi 5.1):


    2013-08-23T17:06:01.5901867Z 0006 V HypervisorPatchScan.cs:123|Starting patch scan.

    2013-08-23T17:08:34.6382558Z 0006 E HypervisorPatchDataAdapter.cs:209|[ESXi_hostname] Failed to download metadata. ('', '/tmp/tmp9Ic9qk', '[Errno 12] Timeout: <urlopen error timed out>')


      localfile: None




    The ESXi host does not have required internet access. During the ESXi hypervisor bulletin scan, it is actually the ESXi host that runs the scan. Protect is just calling for the scan to take place. This requires that the ESXi host be able to download the required metadata files for the scan.




    You will need to ensure that the ESXi host can download required metadata files.


    Review these documents:




    If you still receive the same error after going through the information provided in these documents you may need to work with your network administrator and/or contact VMware support for further assistance to ensure the ESXi host can obtain required metadata files.




    Shavlik Protect 9.x