How To: Setup Automatic Removal of Vmware Snapshots in Protect 9.2

Version 11



    Shavlik Protect has the ability to take VMware snapshots. You can set this in a Custom Deployment Template, Under the tab Hosted VM/Templates. You also have the ability to delete old snapshots.

    Deployment Template.PNG


    Protect waits to delete the snapshots until the next deployment. If your deployments are spread out, and you would like your snapshots erased sooner, you can do this by deploying a custom patch that is always detected as missing. (QSK2745, MSST-001)




         1. Create a new Patch Scan Template by going to New-> Patch Scan Template and name is "Custom Action Scan". The only thing you need to change is under Patch Properties in the bottom right, click the radio button for "Scan Selected" and click the "Custom Actions" box.

    custom action scan.PNG


         2. Create a New Deployment Template by going to New-> Deployment Template and name it "Custom Action for VMware Snapshot"

      • On the General Tab, deselect the ‘Send Tracker status’ option. This change is so that the tracker doesn’t falsely report the deployment as failed. Be aware you will not receive a tracker status for this deployment.



          3. Go to the Post-deploy Reboot tab, and set this to ‘Never reboot after deployment’.



         4. Under the Hosted VMs/Templates Tab, choose Delete old snapshots created by Shavlik Protect Advanced (age in days): (I set 2. You set your desired results. You need to set this to take pre-deployment snapshots as well.


      Protect can only delete existing snapshots at the time it takes a new snapshot.  It does NOT delete a snapshot at the age specified without a snapshot creation event triggering the age calculation and deletion


         5. Click Save.



    Click the Home button and follow these instructions to schedule the task.


    1. Type a name in step 1. (I used to "Remove VMware Snapshots")
    2. Select your machine group that contains your VMs (Mine is names "VMs")
    3. Select how often you would like this to run to remove your snapshots (I chose Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays)
    4. Select "Custom Action Scan"

                   a. Click Auto-Deploy patches after scan

                   b. Chose "Custom Action for VMware Snapshot"

                   c.Click "Install immediately.

         5. Click Schedule.




    Affected Product(s)

    Protect 9.X