How To Enable Client Side Verbose Logging For Troubleshooting Agentless Deployment Issues

Version 6


    This document provides steps on how to enable client/target side verbose logging for troubleshooting agentless deployment issues.



    How to enable Client (Target) Side Logging via ITscript:


    These logs are automatically generated on the client (target) system during an agentless patch deployment under the folder C:\Windows\Propatches and its subfolders. However, you can enable verbose logging of these logs for a system by doing the following:


    1. In the Protect console, go to Manage > ITScripts.

    2. Under the 'Configuration' section, locate and select the script named "Set Target Machine Verbose Logging".

    3. Click the 'Approve' button at the top, or right click on the script and choose 'Approve'.

    4. Go to the machine group containing the system(s) you wish to enable this for, and click Run Operation.

    5. For "4. Select/confirm operation:", choose ITScript from the dropdown, and then select "Set Target Machine Verbose Logging" from the second dropdown.

    6. Click Run.

    7. When the operation is complete you should see the status change to "Complete: Verbose logging was successfully enabled."


    Alternate Method - Manually adding config files


    You can enable target-side logging by adding the config files into the correct directories on the target system. See the attached zip "" to obtain the files.


    The files should be placed into the following folders (on the client/target system) accordingly:


    • C:\Windows\Propatches
      • cl5.exe.config
      • SafeReboot.exe.config
      • SafeReboot64.exe.config
    • C:\Windows\Propatches\Scheduler
      • stschedex.exe.config
      • stSched.exe.config


    Additional Information


    See the following document for more information about the above mentioned ITScript:


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x