Listing And Purpose Of Each Log File Generated By Shavlik Protect

Version 10


    This document contains information regarding Shavlik Protect's log files including there intended use. For more information about how to obtain the log files please see this document: How To: Gather console, patch deployment and agent logs for Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers.



    Console Logs:


    • ST.FileVersions.log - Obtained from Help > About > Export Info. Contains versions of all components, etc.
    • ST.Activation.managed.<user>.log - created by the licensing screen when activation the product is performed
    • ST.Activation.native.<user>.log - logging of native code executed by the activation screen
    • ST.Protect.managed.<user>.log - activities in the UI (the bulk of activity)
    • ST.ServiceHost.managed.log - console service managed log (console service related activity, incoming Agent Data)
    • ST.ServiceHost.native.log - console service native log (console service related activity)
    • ST.Protect.Native.<user>.log - native logging of the UI (mainly deployments, scheduling, licensing, and disk mounting)
    • hf.<user>.log - for scanning events (scan now)
    • schf.<user>.log - for scheduled scan events
    • Rehf.log - rescan events
    • ST.TaskScheduler.managed.<user>.log - Shavlik scheduler tracing
    • ST.DatabaseConfiguration.log - tracing from running the database setup tool or database installation
    • Application Display Errors.log - errors that pop up in the UI are written here
    • DeployStatus.<user>.log - basic information about recent patches deployed
    • ProtectSetup_xxx.log - [Found in %temp% directory] Logging of prerequisite checks during installation
    • ProtectInstall_xxx.log - [Found in %temp% directory] Shavlik Protect installation log file


    Client Side Logs (agentless)


    These logs are all found on client systems under C:\Windows\Propatches and subdirectories.


    • CL5.log - Operations of CL5.exe, used for handling deployment/patch installation process
    • deplyevts.log - Logs basic operations of deployment tracker events that take place
    • safereboot.log - Operations of safereboot.exe, used for handling run of certain commands during deployment process
    • Scheduler.log - Logs operations of the Shavlik scheduler (ST Remote Scheduler Service and STSchedEx.exe)
    • St.Distributionservers.log - Logs when a distribution server is used as the source for a patch during a deployment.


    Agent Logs:


    These logs will only be found on a system where a Shavlik Protect Agent is installed.


    • STPlatformInstall_xxx.log - [Found in %temp% directory] core agent installation log
    • AGENTASSET_install.log - Asset scanning engine installation log
    • AGENTPATCH_install.log - Patch engine installation log
    • AGENTTHREAT_install.log - Threat engine installation log
    • RegistrationLog.txt - Displays information concerning agent registration with Protect console.
    • STAgent.log - Main agent logging information, overview of all operations
    • STAgentManagement.log - Agent managed log (Shavlik Protect Agent service related activity)
    • STAgentUI.log - Agent UI related activity
    • STAgentUpdater.log - Logging of all update functions, additional registration logging
    • STAsset.log - Asset scanning operations
    • STDispatch.log - Logging of Shavlik Protect Agent Dispatcher service operations
    • STPatch.log - Patch scan and deployment operations
    • STThreat.log - Threat scan and active protection operations
    • STThreat.WSC.log - Logging of interactions with Windows Security Center


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x