How To: Identify if a Patch Is Not Available in a Specific Language

Version 6



    You have defined in the Protect settings to download patches in two languages following this article : How to Download a Non-English Patch

    You want to know how to quickly identify if a patch is available in one of the language you specified.


    How to Identify That Information Quickly


    Let's say you defined to download all the patches in English and French. You want to know if the patches downloaded are available in French.

    You are downloaded a lot of patches at the same time and it is not convenient for you to check via the Operation Monitor if the patches are downloaded in both languages.


    First, you will have to define French as the default language for the download status indicator, as illustrated below:




    Then, download all the patches you need.

    In Patch View, you have the column "Downloaded" with the green arrow Yes and the grey one No. Please refer to the screenshots below:





    In our example, we can see that the second patch is not available in French, the column Downloaded shows the value No.