How to Download a Non-English Patch

Version 6



    If you have the responsibility to patch an heterogeneous environment made of Operating Systems and applications in different languages you will need to define the languages of the patches you will download and then deploy.



    Enable other languages


    If you want to enable languages other than English, you have to specify it in Tools > Options > Patch Languages


    There, you specify the default languages of your patches that you will download.




    When you have defined those settings (in our example English and French), when you download a patch Protect will download the english version and the french version if available.



    Download a non-english patch


    Go to the Patch View, select a patch and right-click "Download".

    A window will summarize the languages that were defined previously. However, if you don't want this window to pop-up each time, tick the box "Save the checked languages as the defaults".




    Click Download, and you can follow the download progress in the Shavlik Protect Operations Monitor, as illustrated below :





    Additional Information


    How to check if a patch is available in a specific language : How To: Identify if a Patch Is Not Available in a Specific Language