Exception Occurred During Publishing: CreateDirectory Failed

Version 9



    The purpose of the document is to review a common error when publishing updates.




    Exception occurred during publishing: CreateDirectory Failed



    "C:\WSUS\UpdateServicesPackages" or "C:\WSUS\WsusContent" is not shared for System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)




    Ensure "UpdateServicesPackages" exists in your WSUS content directory. By default, this is C:\WSUS. If it doesn't exist, create it and then go through the following steps.


    Navigate to "C:\WSUS\UpdateServicesPackages"/"C:\WSUS\WsusContent" then Share the directory and set permissions to:


    • Admin's Group Full access
    • Network Service Full access
    • Everyone Read access
    • WSUS Administrators Group Full access.


    Set NTFS permissions to:


    • Administrators Group Full access
    • Network Service Full access
    • System Full access
    • Users Group Read/List Folder Read & Execute
    • WSUS Admins Group Full access.


    On your WSUS server open a command prompt with “run as admin”, Navigate to %programfiles%\update services\tools and issue the following command:


    WSUSUtil.exe movecontent <content path> <log path>



    <content path> = Drive letter of WSUS folder location (i.e. E:\WSUS\WSUSContent\UpdateServicesPackages)

    <log path> = Drive letter of log path with log file specified (i.e. C:\Temp\move.log)


    If that doesn’t work, try moving the content to a temporary location and then move it back to the desired path.


    Additional Information


    To find out where the content and target directories are use the link below.


    Verifying WSUS Server Settings


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center (Formerly SCUPdates)


    When publishing via:

    System Center Update Publisher (SCUP)

    Shavlik Patch Plugin 2.x