Condensed Patch Report CSV Header Description

Version 2


    In an exported Condensed Patch report as a CSV file, what do the headers mean?



    Grouping: Some unique scan grouping identifier

    User: Who did the scan

    Scanned On: The date the scan was performed

    Friendly Scan Name: The Machine Group

    Install State: Current state of the patch (missing, installed, or one of the following):

    Invalid = -1,

    An invalid or unknown installation state.


    Warning = 0,

    A warning indicating that this item may require additional validation or

    can not be installed in various circumstances.


    Note = 1,

    An installation note is available for this item.


    Informational = 2,

    An item is for informational purposes. For example a new product installation

    may be available for this item.


    FoundPatch = 3,

    The patch is installed.


    MissingPatch = 4,

    The Patch is missing.


    InstalledPatch = 5,

    The Patch is effectively installed


    MissingServicePack = 6,

    The service pack is missing.


    Failed = 7,

    The patch failed to deploy.


    Copied = 8,

    The patch was successfully copied over, but has not been installed yet.


    Scheduled = 9,

    The deployment has been scheduled.


    Executing = 10,

    The deployment is in progress.


    Executed = 11,

    The deployment has completed.


    PendingReboot = 12,

    Deployment was successful. Waiting for computer to reboot before completion.


    Canceled = 13,

    A deployment was attempted, but canceled before completion.


    CompleteNotVerified = 14,

    The patch was install process has been completed, but the patch's state has

    not yet been verified.


    PendingRescan = 15,

    Waiting for a rescan to verify the patch state.


    InferredFixed = 16,

    A patch was detected missing, but now is not. We assume that it has been



    WaitForServer = 17,

    VM - Waiting for concurrent deployments on server to drop below the limit


    Initialize = 18,

    VM - Disable Sysprep/get system path


    DisableNetwork = 19,

    VM - Disable network


    PowerOn = 20,

    VM - Power on


    MonitorStatus = 21,

    VM - Getting tracker files


    PowerOff = 22,

    VM - Power Off


    EnableNetwork = 23,

    VM - enable network


    EnableSysprep = 24,

    VM - enable sysprep


    TakeSnapshot = 25,

    VM - take snapshot


    CleanupSnapshot = 26,

    VM - cleanup snapshot


    ConvertToTemplate = 27,

    VM - convert to template


    VirtualDeploymentFailed = 28,

    General error for virtual deployment


    VirtualDeploymentInProgress = 29,

    Virtual deployment already running in the service for the vm


    PreDeploySnapshotFailed = 30,

    Snapshot failed in call to PreDeploy()


    ConvertToVirtualMachineFailed = 31,

    Unable to convert template to virtual machine


    PatchDownloadRetry = 32,

    Patch download from distribution server failed - retry scheduled


    Machine Name: Machine Name

    Domain: The Domain the machine is on when it was scanned

    Bulletin: The Patch Bulletin number or the produt name if it is a service pack informational item

    Bulletin URL: The Bulletin's web site

    QNumber: The Patch's KB Number (We change KB to Q as a rule of thumb) or the Service Pack's Level (Gold, SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4...).

    Is Service Pack: If the item a Service Pack (1) or not (0)


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.0