Patch Group - Import/Export

Version 5


    There is not currently a way to natively export/import Patch Groups from Protect. This document outlines a workaround to allow the same functionality by using a text document of patches (created from a Patch Group).




    1. Open desired patch group to view/edit.
    2. Click 'View in Patch View'.


    1-view patch group.png


    1. Within Patch View, select all the patches listed (in the exaple, Patches are sorted by Q#, your columns may be different, make sure you select all Rows shown).
    2. Right click the selected Patches and choose Export to CSV.


    2-export to csv.png


    1. Choose a directory to save the CSV, and give the file a name.

    3-save csv.png

    1. Open the saved CSV file, and select the list of Q#'s.

    Note: By default the same Q# will show multiple times as it lists different Product Names. Having the same Q# in the list is acceptable, though may be more difficult to manpulate in the future. It is recommended to filter out duplicates (this must be done with Excel (how to), manually, or other 3rd party program).

    4-csv show all Qnumbers.png

    1. Paste the copied QNumbers from the CSV into a txt file, then save as a text file.


    1. Within Protect create a new Scan Template:
      • Version 9: Click New > Patch Scan Template


    4-v9-new scan template.png

      • Version 8:  Click File> New > Patch Scan Template

    5-v8-new scan template.png


    1. In the new Patch Scan Template, enter a Name, under Patch type filter settings select the types of patches you plan to scan for, then under Patch Filter Settings select Scan Selected, then click the File browse button.

    6-patch scan enable file select.png


    1. In the Select file containing patch QNumbers to scan for window, navigate to the text file with QNumbers created in step 4. Select the QNumber text file, and click Open.

    7-txt file.png


    1. The selected text file should now show as the File path. Click Save.



    1. Run the newly created scan for results based on the QNumbers filter only.


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect Version: All