Authentication Limitation with Protect 9.0+ and SQL 2005

Version 1

    Users may encounter an error when installing or upgrading to Protect 9.0+ when the database resides on a SQL 2005 server.  The root cause of the issue is due to a limitation in SQL 2005.


    To reproduce this issue:


    1. Install SQL 2005, selecting the collation method to be Windows collation designator and sort order with Binary and Collation designator Latin1_General.
    2. Apply the latest Service Pack for SQL 2005.
    3. Install or Upgrade to Protect 9.0 or later.
    4. When you get to the DB portion of the install, just take the defaults.


    Expected Results:

    Installation should complete successfully.


    Actual Results

    When starting the DataBase portion of the install, it fails with Error "You do not have privileges to create or view SQL login 'NT SERVICE\STConsoleSvc'. Verify the user permissions in SQL Server."




    Option 1:  Choose another authentication mode during the database setup wizard.

    Option 2:  Manually add user NT SERVICE\STConsoleSvc to the database through SQL Management Studio.  This should be created as a Windows authentication user with the Sysadmin role.  Caveat: It cannot be done prior to installing Protect; so the user will need to add NT SERVICE\STConsoleSvc when the installation process reaches the database installer part.