Patch Download Status and Corresponding Icons

Version 6


    This document explains the various icons displayed for Patch Downloads.


    Icon Types

    No Icon:

    The patch is not available to be downloaded by Protect, and will only show as missing for reporting purposes. The most common reasons for this is the patches are no longer available to the public or it is a patch that cannot be installed without user intervention. In some cases you can contact the vendor and request the patch and install by hand or create a Custom Patch.

    It is also possible Protect does not have the latest patch data files and a Help > Refresh Files will correct that.

    no icon.PNG

    Greyed Out Icon:

    The patch has not yet been downloaded.  You can choose to manually download the patch or allow the deployment process to do it for you automatically.

    not downloaded.PNG

    Green Icon:

    The patch has already been downloaded.



    Affected Product(s)

    Protect Version: All