Restore Shavlik Database From Backup Using SQL Server Management Studio

Version 6



    This document outlines how to restore a Shavlik Database to an SQL Instance.




    Shavlik Protect does not have a built in Restore from Backup utility. Use the following instructions to use SQL Server Management Studio to restore from backup:

    1.   If you have not yet installed it, download and install SQL Server Management Studio.
        • If using SQL 2005 you will need the 2005 Version here.
        • If using SQL 2008 you’ll need the 2008 Version here.
        • If using SQL 2012 you will need the 2012 Version here.
    2. Restore database using SQL Server Management Studio as found in this Microsoft Article.
    3. Run the Shavlik Database Setup Tool (this can be found at Start Menu > All Programs > Shavlik Protect > Database setup tool), and choose to use the existing database that was just restored from backup.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x