Manually Enabling Verbose Console Logging

Version 4



    You are unable to set verbose logging in the console due to crashes or other errors.




    Verbose logging can be enabled via config file.


    Start --> Run --> services.msc

    Stop Shavlik Protect Console Service



    Open explorer

    Navigate to the Protect Installation folder. Default location is C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect

    Backup ST.ServiceHost.exe.config

    Then open ST.ServiceHost.exe.config

    Change the following:





    <add name="STServiceHostSwitch" value="Information, ActivityTracing"/>




    To (Case is important):


    <add name="STServiceHostSwitch" value="All" />






    Start Shavlik Protect Console Service

    Reproduce the problem.

    Location of logs can be found here: