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Version 8

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    This guide has been written to assist you in using the functionality offered in the Ivanti Support Portal. We hope that you will find the portal easy to use and that assists you to maximize the potential of your support contract.  We look forward to working with you.


    Register first and login

    Before you can gain access to the Support Portal you need to register then login and you can do this here.  When you register please use your work email address so we can match you up to our customer records automatically.


    I need some Help with an issue or I need Advice on my product

    This video demonstrates using the Support Portal to get help or advice



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    How do I view my Support requests and other requests raised by my company?

    In order to view your existing Support Requests, select View Requests from the dropdown.






    The list of requests which you have raised will be shown.  If you are a Super User for your account you will see all requests.  If you are not you will see only those requests which you submitted yourself.

    Click on the Case number that you want to view.  From this screen you can view all details, including comments, the current status, plus you can also view any attachments.  You can also add further comments or attachments using the buttons provided.

    If the issue is resolved you can click the Close Case button to type in the closure details.





    How do I change my contact details or email address?


    Click on the Edit Profile link under 'Profile Administration'.


    You are able to change your contact details here or alter the email address where you get Community email notifications.  If you want to alter the email address which Support use to contact you then please select the Change Email Address option from the side bar.




    How do I manage my account contacts and invite colleagues?

    • If you are defined as a superuser for your account, you will be able to access the Manage Users option

    from the Profile Administration dropdown.


    For more information on managing users see here

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    How do I change my language?

    You can alter the language in which the portal is displayed.  This is done by going to the Edit Profile page under Profile Administration.

    The currently available languages are English, French, Japanese, and Chinese.


    How do I view my Support Contract and Support Phone Numbers?

    In order to view the Support level for your company click on the Support Entitlement option within the Your Company dropdown.  More information about what each level of Support contract entitles you to can be found by clicking on the link available within the text "For more information on the different levels of Support available to you, and their benefits, please click here".


    How do I contact support?

    You can contact support by using the Request Help option under the Support Requests dropdown. If you need more information about how this process works please see the section in this guide called: I need some Help with an issue or Advice on my product


    If you want to contact support via phone you can view whether you are entitled to do so by clicking on the Support Entitlement option within the Your Company dropdown.

    This will also show you which Support team is your local team and provides a link to the contact numbers for each team.


    How do I export a list of my open and closed requests?

    Please follow the advice above about how to How do I view my support requests.  When you are on the list that you require click the export to .csv button.  You can then open the .csv in the package that you require (for example Microsoft Excel).



    Product Specific Features

    The features below are not applicable to all products. If they do not apply to the products you have purchased they will not be available for selection within the portal.


    How do I access downloads and documentation?

    You can access our download area via Product Downloads under the Resources dropdown.  If you want to access product documentation select from the same dropdown.


    Who is my Account Manager?

    You can view this within the Support Entitlement page.


    How do I view what Training vouchers I have and see a list of Training Courses?

    The list of training vouchers available to your company will be listed on the Training page.  On this page there is a link to the training site or alternatively you can reach this here.


    Escalate a case to my CSM (Customer Success Manager)

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