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    Here is where you can get access to:

    • Technical discussions between experts
    • A knowledge base of known solutions
    • Product announcements and Support news


    What you’ll find on the site:

    Other people

    • In order to participate on you need to be logged in.  Please take a moment to register and create your profile.
      • Shavlik Staff are marked with a special badges to indicate who they are.



    • These are questions and any associated replies from the community.
      • To ask a question go to the area for the product that you are using and click the “Ask The Community” widget on the overview tab.
        • If you can help with an answer to a question click the Reply button at the bottom of the question.  You will be awarded 20 points for a Correct Answer and 10 points for a Helpful Answer.
        • If you ask a question please don’t forget to mark which reply was the right one.  This makes it easier for other community members to find the right answer in the future.
        • For more information on discussions please read this guide.



    • These are our knowledge base solutions.
      • They are usually written by the support team and go through an approval process from our senior support staff.
      • If you find a document useful please take a moment to rate it (stars at the bottom of the document).  Here’s why this is useful.
      • If you want to ask something about a document click the Add a Comment link at the bottom and type in your question.


    Here is an overview of the current structure of the site:

    • Shavlik and sub-areas
      • The Shavlik areas contain all technical product discussions, product announcements, and knowledge base documents.
    • Site Help
      • The Site Help area contains information on how to use the site.


    Get notified of updates:

    If you want to be notified of new content within an area of interest you can subscribe to it.  More information can be found here:  Following a Place or a Piece of Content in the CommunityIf you would like to get an RSS feed simply click the “View Feeds” link in the areas of the site you are interested in.


    Need some help getting started?

    Please do not hesitate to contact support to ask for help.  The team will be very happy to guide you through registering and using the new knowledge base and forums.  Here’s how to reach us.


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