Community Guide

Version 3

    What is the community?

    The Community site provides you, our customers and partners with 24 by 7 access to a wealth of online product advice.  By using the Community you are able to browse our knowledge base, along with a growing group of community participants that can help you to get the most benefit from your products.


    Amongst other things you are able to:

    Search through a wealth of advice in our knowledge base and discussion forums.

    Join or start a technical discussion within our online forums.


    How do I:


    Search the site?

    Browse or navigate the site?

    Post a question or reply to discussions?

    Request help from Support?



    If you do encounter any problems within the support community or if you have any suggestions for how we can improve your online Support experience please do let us know via our feedback form.


    Please Note: Responses to forum questions are not associated with our target response times.  The Support teams and Community members will try to help out as and when they can but if you have an urgent or time critical issue please contact your local Support team to raise a support case.