Registering for the Community and Self Service

Version 6

    You only need to register once.

    Registering here will allow you access to both the and sites.


    How do I register?

    You can register via this link.  Please use your work email account so that we can match you to your company.


    PLEASE NOTE:  The ability to log and view support cases via will be coming shortly.


    Why should I register?

    Amongst other things registered users are able to:

    • Receive email notifications when new things that interest you are posted on the community
    • Save documents to .pdf format.
    • Join in with discussions or ask your own questions for the community members to respond to*.
    • Setup your own preferences under Your Stuff.
    • Win some points! Every time that you create or respond to content you will be allocated points.  You get more points every time the post initiator says that you answered their question for them.  The top contributors for each community are recognised and you can win achievement badges for your profile.
    • You can rate knowledge articles.  This part gives us some really important feedback for the Support team and helps up to create more helpful articles.


    * Please Note: Responses to community discussions are not associated with our target response times.  The Support teams and Community members will try to help out as and when they can but if you have an urgent or time critical issue please contact your local Support team to raise a support case.