"Copy Only" of a Patch When Using a Distribution Server Will Not Copy Patch Files to Target Systems

Version 5



    When deploying from the console in Protect you choose the Deployment Configuration option to "Copy files to selected machine(s) but do not install", and you are using a deployment template configured to use a distribution server. However, patch files fail to copy to the target system in the C:\Windows\ProPatches\Patches directory when you click "Deploy".



    The reason that there are no patch files copied to the target system is because of the way distribution servers are used. Protect uses a map file that is copied to the target system along with a batch and configuration file so that deployments know where to copy files from a distribution server. Because the batch file only runs when installation is initiated - it never runs for a "copy only", and because of this the patch files are never copied from the distribution server to the target system.



    There are two things you can do:


    1) The best workaround is to choose a deployment template that does not employ the use of a distribution server for using the option to "Copy files to selected machine(s) but do not install". This will allow the patch files to be copied directly from the Protect console system to the target system(s).


    2) Manually go out to the target system and run the batch file that was created in C:\Windows\ProPatches\Install. This will run the process to copy the patch file(s) from the distribution server to the target system.


    Additional Information

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    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x