Protect Console System Hardware Performance Guidelines

Version 10


    The purpose of this article is to provide hardware performance guidelines for a console system of Shavlik Protect.


    Listed below are the hardware minimum requirements along with recommended and high performance specifications for running your Protect console. There should be little to no performance difference between physical vs. virtual hardware for Protect.


    Note: It's useful to remember that basically the more machines you are managing with Protect, the higher the console system's performance specs should be. These are just basic guidelines.



    2 processor cores @ 2GHz or faster

    2GB RAM

    Minimum disk space: 100MB for application, 2GB or more for patch repository, and allow 1.5GB or more for SQL server if using a local database.

    Video requirement: 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher (1280 x 1024 is recommended)


    Recommended (250-1000 seat license):

    4 processor cores @ 2GHz or faster

    4GB RAM


    High Performance (1000+ seat license):

    8 processor cores @ 2GHz or faster

    8GB RAM

    Recommended to use a full version of SQL.


    Note: Ideally your Protect console system has enough performance to run both Protect and SQL on the same system.  This is recommended to avoid performance degradation due to a poor connection to a remote SQL server. If you use a remote SQL server it's recommended to verify you have a good connection and that your SQL server is not being overloaded.


    Additional Information


    It's highly recommended to perform regular database maintenance when using Protect. This will help maintain performance. See the following article for steps on database maintenance: Database Maintenance

    If Protect is installed within a virtual machine on a hypervisor of any sort, ensure that there is no resource contention limiting its performance.


    A full listing of requirements for Protect can be found here:


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x