Scanning A Remote Machine Using Protect Fails With Error 105: MS_UNABLE_TO_GET_SYSTEM_DATA

Version 10



    • Running a patch scan in Protect  fails with Error 105.
    • This message may also display:



    Possible causes:

    • Permissions issue with access denied message.
    • An environmental or network issue.
    • The target Windows machine is not activated.



    This is a list of things you should check when seeing patch scan error 105 occur:

    1. From the Protect console, launch Regedit and attempt to connect to the remote registry of the target machine by IP address.
      Note: Protect needs full access to the target machine's registry.
    2. From the Protect console, go to the target machines c$ and browse to c:\windows\system32. Make a copy of the file ntdll.dll and view the Properties. Is anything blocking the access, or hanging the process of looking at this file? Protect may be trying to look at this file while trying to determine the machine info. The ntdll.dll file is checked first, and Protect determines the OS language.
    3. The Server Service on the remote target machine is queried with an API. If this service is not running, or is not communicating in a timely fashion Protect will return a 105 error. If you restart this service you will also need to reboot the machine, but it can help to restart the Server service.
    4. Disabling Antivirus or threat protection software can potentially correct Error 105. If this works you may need to make exceptions in your antivirus. Contact your antivirus vendor for steps on how to do so.
    5. Use an administrator account to run patch scans.
    6. Ensure firewalls are not blocking the connection.
    7. Ensure you are meeting patch scanning requirements as described in Protect documentation. Please see the patch scanning prerequisites.
    8. Other possible tests to determine the issue:
      • Ensure Windows is activated.
      • Scan by FQDN. 
      • Net use to ipc$ on the target system.
      • On the console machine, run these commands:
        sc \\servername query
        sc \\IPaddress query
        Note: If these commands fail, the issue may be network related.


    Additional Information

    Scan error 105 can often be caused by some of the same environmental issues that will cause scan error 452. It may prove helpful to review this document as well:

    Error 452: Unable To Connect To The Remote Machine


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect, All Versions