Scanning A Remote Machine With Protect Fails With Error 235: System Not Found, Or NetBIOS Ports May Be Firewalled

Version 8



    • Scan attempt against a remote machine using Protect fails with the following error.


    Error 235: System not found, or NetBIOS ports may be firewalled




    This issue occurs if a machine with the specified IP address does not exist. If a machine does exist at this address, a personal firewall or port filtering device may be dropping packets destined for TCP ports 139 and 445.




    To resolve this issue:

    1. Ensure that a machine actually exists at the specified name or IP address. To verify this, use a command prompt to ping the machine.
    2. Ensure that you can remotely connect to the target system(s) over ports 139 and/or 445. To verify this, you can use the telnet command or any other method.
      • For example, you can use a telnet command similar to:
        telnet mymachine 139
      • Note: The telnet client may not be installed by default on newer Windows operating systems. You may need to add it through Windows features to use the telnet command.  You may also run the following command from an admin command prompt
        dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient
    3. Ensure File and Printer Sharing is enabled on the target machine
      • Click the Start button and type "Advanced Sharing Settings"
      • Click the down arrow next to the network type you are connected to (unless Public; it is not recommended to enable on Public networks)
      • Select the "Turn on file and printer sharing" option
      • Click "Save Changes"
    4. Ensure that there is no DNS resolution issue. To verify this, open a command prompt on the Protect console machine and perform a forward and reverse nslookup of the target system.

      For example:

      nslookup machinename

      The results should match.

      If the machine cannot be properly resolved, contact your network administrator.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x